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Climate Dilemma
Climate Dilemma
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Plant Carob Trees
Plant Carob Trees

End The Backlog For Rape Kits

Joyful Heart regularly seeks to mobilize our community to participate in advocacy campaigns to help bring attention to the issues affecting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

We believe that through advocacy, we can shine a spotlight directly on the darkness and reality of these issues to those who are in a position to create lasting and systemic change—policymakers and government officials. By spreading the word about these issues, we can tell the stories of survivors—stories of their bravery, journey of how these issues have affected them. We can send the message that they and their experiences matter and that we will hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Your voice is a pivitol part of these efforts. We invite you to educate others—loved ones, friends and neighbors—to build strong and healthy communities. And we invite you to advocate to create the systemic changes to respond better to survivors and end all forms of violence and abuse.

Current advocacy campaign: Urge your government representatives to fund rape kit testing

When a victim of sexual assault reports the assault, a doctor or nurse will photograph, swab and conduct an invasive and exhaustive examination of the victim’s entire body for DNA evidence left behind by the attacker—a process that may take four to six hours to complete.

Most people—with good reason—assume that evidence will be utilized to its fullest extent and in a timely manner to bring a perpetrator to justice. The reality, though, is that hundreds of thousands of rape kits are estimated to be sitting untested in police and storage facilities across the country. We must eliminate this backlog. We must give survivors the justice they deserve. We must hold perpetrators accountable. The stakes are simply too high.

You can contact your state and federal elected officials quickly and easily on, our website dedicated to ending the rape kit backlog.

Get started right now.

We also invite you to stay informed about the rape kit backlog and to raise awareness in your community.

Finally, we encourage you to come back to this section regularly to keep informed of the latest advocacy opportunities. Over the coming months, we'll be updating it with new features so that you can take action and advocate even more easily. To receive more action alerts and updates, visit our sign up page here.

Slave Fund

Some ten years ago, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada found themselves facing off against intense scrutiny over claims about the manufacturing of their products. It was late 2007 and at least some of the world had just been privy to the release of “Luxury Slaves,” a broadcast by “Report,” a 60 Minutes-style program on RAI-3, an Italian state channel. The program detailed the conditions in which luxury brands’ “Made in Italy” products were allegedly being made.

Within weeks, the shocking truths of the conditions in which Italian luxury stalwarts’ costly bags and shoes were being made spread beyond the borders of Italy. In February 2008, a lengthy article from the Los Angeles Times, entitled, “Slaving in the Lap of Luxury,” declared, “There are products made completely in Italy but by Chinese immigrants without proper documents and [for whom] labor conditions are especially nasty.”

One of the core claims at play was that Italian labor laws were being flouted. For instance, although the minimum wage in Italy was more than $10 an hour at the time, most of the individual laborers referenced in the RAI-3 investigation were being paid less than $5. In the meantime you can purchase a Gucci bag for $790 - $36,000, respectively. At the expense of prehistoric creatures that may be extinct soon if demand calls for it from happy consumers. But the customer is always right, give the people what they want regardless of pain inflicted on capitolisms innocent victims. Such as, the unfortunate alligators, crocodiles, pythons and lizards brutalized everyday for these luxury bags.

The Times’ Tracy Wilkinson painted an ugly picture about the realities of these Chinese-run factories that were actively supplying luxury brands, writing, “Italian financial police have shut down many factories after raids exposed poor living conditions [within the factories], lack of residence permits for foreign nationals and the failure to pay taxes.”  

The RAI-3 documentary concluded that “for big-name labels, the cheaper labor in Chinese-staffed workshops provides an important way of keeping costs down. It helps the fashion houses compete” … and boost their bottom lines.

But the legality of labeling is not the only issue at play. Citing Francesco Nannucci, the head of the Italian financial police’s investigative unit in Prato, Max asserts that the town, in particular, has become the “home to some ten thousand Chinese people who are there illegally.”

Still yet, according to reports cited by the New Yorker, “Chinese mill owners ignore health laws and evade taxes,” while the “under-the-table cash economy of Prato’s Chinese factories has facilitated tax evasion” to the tune of billions of dollars. This is something that the Italian finance ministry delved into last year, uncovering “five billion dollars’ worth of questionable money transfers.” Half of the transfers went through “the Bank of China’s Milan branch,” which settled the investigation after paying “more than twenty million dollars.”

For the Italian giant, which was name-checked by the New Yorker, “over 50 percent of its leather goods and shoes are made at its own production facilities in Italy.” As for that other 40-plus percent, the brand has been forced to look outside of its own factories given that “in the last few years, the necessary production capacity to meet the demand for Gucci’s products has been nearly doubled.”

The other 40% is where the biggest concern lies. Just because we can no longer see the Chinese immigrants does not mean that the problem remains hidden from the world. We are aware of the harm being caused a vulnerable part of society. But lets not forget that China is not the only ones guilty of breaking labor laws.

Most countries are knee deep in illicit labor practices. One area is carried out through human trafficking.

 Between 700,000 and 4 million women and children will be trafficked this year, with the majority being forced to work in the sex trade. In America, there are an estimated 40,000 men, women and children enslaved at this very moment. 

People have become even more expendable than a Gucci handbag. 

So it begs of us to ask the hard question, what part do we play in the wicked game of slavery? Are we a supplier, recruiter or investor? A lot of society, especially, the echelon crowd are hardcore investors, whether they see themselves this way or not. Every hard earned dollar going towards that new Gucci bag is playing a part in funding slavery. Yes, you can look in the mirror and accept your part in oiling the wheels of modern day slavery. So each of us is responsible for our participation in the cycles of consumerism. I, too, had to take a hard look at where and what we spend. It is a little more tedious, however, well worth the effort, that is if you actually have a conscience. We live in a busy world where people insist on being busy just so they can avoid looking at the harsher sides of society. Or they're raising kids and helping other members in their immediate and extended families. I get it! However, it behooves each of us to take time to pay attention to the world around us. What legacy are we leaving for future generations? Can you look in the mirror and be truly satisfied that you've done everything humanly possible to help society on a global scale end slavery once and for all? 

Labor Offenders

1. Hersheys

2. Nestle

3. Apple

4. JTI

5. Philip Morris

6. H & M

7. Microsoft

8. Sports Direct

9. British American Tobacco

10. New Look

11. Tommy Hilfiger

12. Gucci


Fire Cools

Fire does not burn forever just as all ice will one day melt. Its the way of nature. It cannot be helped. 


Love moves mountains? Then why did the Titanic sink? Love moves only what's confined in the mind. 


The ways of the world will become obsolete. The Earth will finally feel relief. 

Timeless Poem
Timeless Poem
Global Warming
Global Warming
Soulherpoword Inc.
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